For Fans

Where do proceeds from sales go? 

Cymbals For Change is a for-profit company that generates revenue from the jewelry we create & manufacture. 10% of every transaction is reserved for a charity of the respective drummer (or band’s) choice. Furthermore, a percentage of every transaction is set aside for the drummer/band as a royalty, to help put more money in the pockets of the artists you (and we!) love.

What types of necklace chains/cords do you offer? (Dependent on what our drummer & band partners prefer in collaboration with our team)

  • 24in, 3mm thick stainless steel cable link chains 
  • 20in, 2mm thick stainless steel box chains 
  • 18in, 2mm thick leather cords (synthetic/vegan)

Are the earrings you use hypoallergenic? 

Yes! We use 304 grade surgical-grade stainless steel leverback ear wires.

What are the numbers engraved on my pendant?

We call these the “limited production codes.” Similar to a limited edition print poster, we only create a limited number of pieces (based on the size & condition of a given cymbal). The numerator is what number piece you purchased; the denominator is how many total pieces were yielded from the cymbal. 

Do we get to choose the pendant shape for the necklaces and earrings?

As of right now, no. We have a proprietary formula that randomizes most cymbal pendant shapes during the cutting process. While there are some “uniform shapes,” taking photos of 60+ uniquely shaped pendants would be a heavy undertaking 🙂 However, you may request pendant shape styles during checkout that may be fulfilled dependent on availability. 

How long does it take to ship an order?

We ship within 3 business days after order is placed.

Given the unique nature of the manufacturing & hole drilling, and a cymbal’s natural curvature, sometimes the earring pendants don’t fit on the leverback ear wires? What do we do?

We select alternate ear wires of equal or greater value and of similar color. 

Does Cymbals For Change utilize environmentally-friendly business practices?

Yes! Our jewelry boxes are made from recycled cardboard & are recyclable themselves; packing peanuts are biodegradable; polishing cloths made of eco-friendly material, and our UPS plan includes both lowered fuel usage & emissions with every single shipment.

Why are there bumps, deformities, discoloration on some pieces before or after wear? 

Physical “imperfections” are inherent to any cymbal (to produce a desired sound during the manufacturing process). Jewelry-specific cleaning & polishing cloths as well as copper/brass cleaning & polishing agents will help remove tarnishes and brighten the pendants. 

What is the small cloth that arrived with my jewelry?

It is a treated jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth to help remove blemishes & imperfections as they appear. If you’re looking for a heavier duty cloth (or a new one!), we suggest the search terms of “treated jewelry polishing cloth” or “treated jewelry cleaning cloth” when browsing to buy one of your own! For specific brands & cloth suggestions, reach out to info@cymbalsforchange.band directly 🙂 

Why is there an order limit?

Cymbals For Change jewelry is exclusive, and there is a very limited amount of jewelry yielded from each cymbal. We want to give as many fans as possible the opportunity to buy Cymbals For Change jewelry.

My favorite artist doesn’t have any Cymbals For Change jewelry for sale on your website…

Shoot us an e-mail at our contact link on the bottom of the page and we can reach out to them. Be sure to let the artist know that you are interested via social media & e-mail as well!

Can I return the jewelry if I don’t like it?

First of all, we know you’ll like it! Secondly, we meticulously pour our heart & soul into every single piece created. Given it’s limited edition art, returns are not accepted. All sales final. 

For Artists

What cymbals do we cut? 

Most new, used & damaged drum cymbals of any diameter with exception of the following cymbal types: big or mega bell cymbals; unshaped raw cymbals; spiral cymbals. Not sure if yours can be cut? Ask us!

What can we engrave on each pendant besides the serial number/production code? 

Drummer signature; drummer logo; band logo and other alternatives. We try to be as flexible as possible! All custom requests are treated on a case-by-case basis, but we can engrave (almost) anything 🙂 

We want to learn more about the wholesale option to potentially sell the jewelry ourselves on-tour or on our own online store.

Visit our online wholesale merch catalog HERE. Reach out to us at info@cymbalsforchange.band for access to the catalog, and include why you’re reaching out.

What’s the normal turnaround time from moment of contact to delivery of finished goods?

Approximately 1-3 weeks.

I have a cymbal that I want to memorialize, transform into jewelry, etc not related to selling. Can you simply cut into pieces and/or engrave a cymbal for us?

Yes! Reach out to us with your idea and we’ll get the conversation started.