The Company

Cymbals For Change is a forward-thinking artist merchandise company that transforms drummers’ new, used and broken drum cymbals into custom-engraved, wearable, sellable jewelry. We offer a direct-to-consumer retail website and business-to-business wholesale. A meaningful portion of every Cymbals For Change sale is reserved for a charity of the drummer or band’s choice!

What We Do

  • We procure professional drummers’ new, used and damaged drum cymbals to carefully manufacture them into engraved, wearable necklaces & earrings.
  • Take home a physical piece of the drummer/band you admire to wear them over your hearts and on your ears!
  • Feel good about what you’re buying – 10% of every sale on our retail site is reserved for a charity of the drummer/artist’s choice!
  • Don’t see any of your favorite artists on the site? Be sure to engage them on social media/reach out to express your interest in having them join our program!