The Team

Shaun Cyrkin – Owner and Founder

Shaun was born into a jeweler’s family and raised in Rochester, New York. Self-taught by emulating his brother, Shaun learned to play the drums at a very young age. As he grew older, so did his affinity for music. Listening, watching, researching, creating, living & breathing, and ultimately working in music.

Today, Shaun is based in Los Angeles and works primarily in music festival and live event production. His other music experience includes releasing albums under independent record labels as a Project Manager; stage managing; advancing 1000+ artists under the artist relations umbrella at various festivals, concerts and events; and managed various departmental operations among many other roles. He is proud of his upward mobility in the music industry, and his “yes, man” mentality has been fundamental to his success in an ever-evolving, cut-throat industry.

"To materialize an idea that strongly resonates with my passions & values is something special. Bringing the fan and artist closer together – both emotionally & physically – using cymbals, all while generating revenue for the artist & donating to a charitable cause, is what motivates me.

The merch booth at shows continues to offer relatively boilerplate items across the board, but we offer something advantageous: a sentimental product that brings added value to both the fan & artist."

Matt La Pan – Partner

Matt is an engineer, innovator and a problem solving addict. He has a PhD in electrical engineering, is a math and numbers guru, and has spent the last eight years sending rockets and satellites into space. The past four of those years have also been spent building his own company. 

Both his goal and role within Cymbals For Change is to keep the business machine oiled in order to enable Shaun’s creativity, professionalism and charisma to come through in every order that we deliver to our customers.

"When I found out what Shaun was building, I immediately fell in love with the Cymbals For Change project. As a lifelong fan of music, good ideas and sustainability, I had to find a way to help Shaun fulfill his vision. I immediately jumped on board when he asked me for help."