What’s Included In An Order?

Jewelry – Tangibles

  • Finished, hole-drilled, engraved jewelry pendants 
  • Complete necklaces
  • Complete earring pairs (if ordered)
  • Custom-imprinted jewelry boxes & informational inserts
  • Color-coded sticker key and stickers for earring & chain delineation

Jewelry – Services & Labor

  • Fabrication & hole-drilling of cymbal pendants
  • Engraving of drummer signature, logo, or other creative
  • Engraving of limited production codes
  • Pendant tumbling & polishing
  • Attachment of jump rings to necklace pendants; pendants to chains
  • Attachment of earring pendants to leverback earrings


  • Charges & insurance for all three shipping segments 
  • Empty, padded box sent to drummer, fit to cymbal dimensions w/ custom insert
  • Prepaid return label & tape strips within empty, padded box
  • Large shipping box for finished, sellable jewelry pieces & other tangible